Yehao Song is a Professor,Tsinghua University,China

Yehao Song


Organizing Committee Member


Tsinghua University


  • BA, MA, PhD, Tsinghua University (1988-98)
  • Visiting scholar, Technische Universitaet Muenchen (2003-04)


Prof. Song focuses on sustainable theory and design over 20 years within the scope of architecture, urban studies, and building technology, while highly promoting the combination of modern design and vernacular architecture in China. He is one of the leading academic in the sustainable architecture in china and his book holistic design of architecture with ecological concerns becomes the milestone for Chinese sustainable architectural research.

According to him, holistic sustainable design method refer to fully usage of the various natural and social conditions, including the nature and resources, such as local materials, natural lighting, natural ventilation etc., to ensure the building and the building users achieve a balance, without affecting the user's comfort in reducing the use of air conditioning and heating system and other large quantities of non-renewable energy artificial systems. Therefore, regional and local understandings are rather important, to further initiate innovative design based on the understanding, and thus the design strategy is always incorporating the latest technical measures or traditional climate adaptation design strategies at that time.

Meanwhile, to understand the traditional design strategies and come out with contemporary translations, which is an interpretation of some of the traditional architecture that are rooted in certain climate regions could inspire contemporary design. Within the scope of holistic sustainability, various computer simulation software to simulate and high-end building technique adoption could highly assist the decision-making based on the above-mentioned translation design strategy and fulfil the vision.


Prof. Song is among the leading academic in sustainable architecture in China and key consultant for governments and authorities. He works as secretary-general of the Green Building’s Theoretical and Practical Group, Chinese Green Building Committee and plays a key role in drafting of the first Chinese national regulation related to green building and a series of industry standards and works as consultant on several national buildings recent years. He is also the peer-reviewed expert of National Science Fund Committee and numbers of journals including The Journal of Architecture, Building and Energy, etc.

His also embrace the architectural practice for over 20 years and among his notable projects are Village Lounge of Shangcun (2017), THE-studio (2016), Central Canteen of Tsinghua University (2015), Waterfowl Pavilion of Beijing Zoo (2012) and Changshu Library (2006). Projects have been awarded worldwide, including gold medal at ARCASIA award of Architecture, winner of engineering prize on World Architecture Festival, first prize of Excellent design award of Ministry of Education in China, “project of the year” on Architizer Award, etc.


Prof. Song is in charge of the sustainable architecture courses and lecture series in school of architecture at Tsinghua University, including Civil engineering and building technology, Theory of Sustainable architecture and green building, modern-timber building system and Architecture detail design lecture series. He is also the director of the sustainable architecture design programme and museum design programme.

Meanwhile, he has lectured extensively and delivered keynote speeches at conferences in France, Swiss, Japan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, the UK and USA, as well run workshops and lectured at Italy, Singapore and other Chinese universities.