Nazim A. Nariman  is a Lecturer and Researcher ,Bauhaus University Weimar ,Germany

Nazim A. Nariman

Lecturer and Researcher

Organizing Committee Member


Bauhaus University Weimar


1- Nariman N. A., Husek M. (2020). Damage Response Prediction of a Reinforced Concrete Beam under TNT Explosion using Stochastic Experimental Method. International Journal of Impact Engineering, (Under Review). 
2- Nariman N. A., Husek M.,  Mohammad I. I. (2020). Shear and Flexure Analysis for a Reinforced Concrete Beam adopting an Invented Steel Plate System. (Under Work). 
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7- Nariman N. A., Lahmer, T., Karampour P. (2019). Uncertainty Quantification of Stability and Damage Detection Parameters of Coupled Hydrodynamic-Ground Motion in Concrete Gravity Dams. Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering, a special issue in modeling of multi-field problems. 13(2): 303-323.  
8- Nariman N. A. (2018). Thermal Fluid-Structure Interaction and Coupled Thermal-Stress Analysis in a Cable Stayed Bridge Exposed to Fire. Frontiers of Structural and Civil Engineering, 12(4): 609-628. 
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14- Nariman N. A. (2014). Earthquake Response Analysis of a Concrete Gravity Dam. Amazon Books.  
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16- Nariman N. A. (2014). Nonlinear Structural Design Optimization of Cable Stayed Bridges. LapLambert Academic Publishing.  
17- Nariman N. A. (2013). Twisting Feature in High Rise Structures. Amazon Books


1- Dr.-Ing in Structural Engineering (Structural Mechanics) (2012-2017) (Through English Language)  
Bauhaus Universitat Weimar  
2- M.Sc. in Structural Engineering (2009-2010) (Through English Language)  
Universiti Sains Malaysia  
3- B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (1988-1992) (Through English and Arabic Languages)  
Salahaddin University  


  • Structural Design Optimization  
  • Wind Effects on Structures 
  • Fire Effects on Structures  
  • Vibration Control of Bridges 
  • Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI)  
  • Thermal Fluid-Structure Interaction (TFSI)  
  • Uncertainty Quantification and Sensitivity Analysis  
  • Earthquake Effects on Structures 
  • Extended Finite Element Method (XFEM)  
  • Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI)  
  • Project Management