Luis Javier Sánchez-Aparicio is a Professor,Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (Polytecnic School of Madrid),Spain

Luis Javier Sánchez-Aparicio


Organizing Committee Member


Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (Polytecnic School of Madrid)


Technical Architect (2011) and Building Engineer (2014) from the University of Salamanca and the European University of Madrid respectively. He holds two Master Degree in Geoinformation (2012) by the University of Salamanca and another one in diagnosis of historical constructions (2019) by the University Pablo de Olavide. Additionally he holds the postgraduate title of expert in historical construction from the University of Extremadura. He obtained his PhD with international mention and Cum-Laude calification in Geoinformatics applied to construction (2016) at the University of Salamanca, receiving and Extraordinary PhD Award. He was visiting research at the University of Minho (2014,2015) working on the integration of geomatic and dynamic approaches in the evaluation of historical constructions. He is currently assistant profesor at the Department of Construction and Technology in Architecture of the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (Polytecnic School of Madrid). In the past he obtained a Postdoctoral grant at the University of Salamanca linked to the European Project HeritageCARE (Monitoring and Preventive Conservation of Historical Constructions). Author of more than 40 papers and conference contribution. He has received the Prize to Young Reseacher in 2019 by the Institue for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works and a CIPA/ICOMOS award in 2017. He is part of the scientific staff of the European association HeritageCARE, the institution Gran Duque de Alba and the association CIPA.



Bechellor Degree in Technical Architecture (2011-University of Salamanca) Bachellor Degree in Building Enginerring (2014-European University of Madrid) Master Degree in Geoinformatics (2012-University of Salamanca) Title of the Ms dissertation "Damage detection in historical constructions by means of multispectral technique" Master Degree in Diagnosis of Historical Constructions (2019-University Pablo de Olavide) Title of the Ms dissertation "Development and validation of a GIS-360 tool for the diagnosis of historical construction: validation at the Master Gate of San Francisco (Almeida, Portugal)" Expert in historical Constructions (2020-University of Extremadura) PhD in geoinformatics (2016-University of Salamanca). Title of the PhD dissertation "Damage evaluation in constructions based on geomatic and dynamic approaches"


Laser scanning and photogrammetric approach applied to the diagnosis, conservation and valorization of cultural heritage Advanced numerical simulations of historical constructions Digital image correlation applied to materials


2019-Young Research Award 2017- Best poster award CIPA/ICOMOS 2018,2017,2015- Innovadores award to the best reseach project 2016-Extraordinary Prize for his PhD dissertation


Scientific member of the european association HeritageCARE (Monitoring and Preventive Conservation of Historical Construction) Member of the CIPA association Member of the institution Gran Duque de Alba


Guest Editor of "Drone Inspection in Cultural Heritage" (Drones/Scopus indexed journal) Guest Editor of "Geoinformatics for the Promotion, Management and Conservation of Cultural Heritage" (Sustainability/JCR journal)