De Wrachien Daniele is a Senior Professor ,University of Milan,Italy

De Wrachien Daniele

Senior Professor

Organizing Committee Member


University of Milan


  • Master in Geology, State University of Milan Ph.D. in Advanced Engineering 
  • Geology, State University of Milan


The scientific activity deals with the following fields of interest:.

  • Water resources management;
  • Irrigation and drainage technology;
  • Classical and quantum  water droplet trajectories in an irrigation spay;
  • Performance assessment of sprinkler irrigation systems;
  • Modelling of transport processes in porous media;
  • Modelling and fluid-dynamics of debris and hyper-concentrated flows;
  • Flood control and mitigation measures;
  • Desertification and environmental impact of climate change.


  • Award for Truthful Support and Help in Organizing and Improving Scientific Level of the Symposia "Actual Tasks on Agricultural Engineering", Croatian Agricultural Engineering Society, Opatija, Croatia, February 2006;
  • Certificate into  Leading Engineers of the World in the Arena of Agricultural Engineering, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, June 2006;
  • Award as a Great Mind of the 21st Century  for Significant Accomplishments within Irrigation and Drainage, American Biographical Institute (ABI), August 2006;
  • Award in Recognition of Services to the European Society of Agricultural Engineers, Bonn, Germany, September 2006;
  • Award for outstanding contribution to Engineering Sciences, Wessex Institute of Technology, The New Forest, UK, June 2008;
  • Award for the Best Performing Working Body, International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, Lahore, Pakistan, October 2008.
  • Over 150 scientific publications: papers, key-note lectures, books and technical reports.