Ali Al Balhawi is a Lecturer,Mustansiriyah University ,Iraq

Ali Al Balhawi


Organizing Committee Member


Mustansiriyah University


Ali is a lecturer at the Civil Engineering Department since 2012. So far, he has sound experience in structural engineering through teaching different modules. Also, he has supervised and examined many projects for the final year students. 


Al-Balhawi A (2012) Analysis and Design of Reinforced and Unreinforced Masonry Structures. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. 
Al-Balhawi A and Zhang B (2016) Evaluation of the global behaviour of tall reinforced concrete buildings using discrete and continuum approaches, The 4th International Conference on Advances in Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering (CSM), Birmingham, UK. 
Al-Balhawi A and Zhang B (2017) Investigations of elastic vibration periods of reinforced concrete moment-resisting frame systems with various infill walls, Engineering Structures, 151, 173–187. 
Al-Balhawi A and Zhang B (2018) Acceleration responses for tall reinforced concrete office buildings under wind loading, The 6th and 7th European Conference on Computational Mechanics (ECCM-6) and on Computational Fluid Dynamics (ECFD-7), Glasgow, Scotland, UK. 
Al-Balhawi A and Zhang B (2019) Investigations of elastic vibration periods of tall reinforced concrete office buildings, Wind and Structures, 29(3), 209–223. 


PhD in Civil and Structural Engineering (2018) Glasgow Caledonian University (2014-2018)  

Master in Structural Engineering (2009) Edinburgh Napier University (2008-2009) 


Bachelor in Civil Engineering (2005) University of Mustansiriyah (2001-2005)  


Dynamics of structures, development of tall buildings, and wind loading.