Abdollah Baghaei is a Green Architecture,Young Researchers and Elite Club,Iran

Abdollah Baghaei

Green Architecture

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Young Researchers and Elite Club


I have been working as a researcher at Young Researchers and Elite Club.


SELECTED PUBLICATION Peer review journal paper 2019 • Baghaei Daemei A*., Eghbali SR. Study on aerodynamic shape optimization of tall buildings using architectural modifications in order to reduce wake region, Wind and Structures, an International Journal, Volume 29, Number 2: 139-147 [DOI] 2019 • Baghaei Daemei* et al., Bioclimatic design strategies: A guideline to enhance human thermal comfort in Cfa climate Zones, Journal of Building Engineering, Volume 25, 100758 [DOI] 2019 • Mehrinejad EK. Baghaei Daemei A*. Asadi FM. Simulation study of the eco green roof in order to reduce heat transfer in four different climatic zones, Results in Engineering, Volume 2: 100010 [DOI] 2019 • Baghaei Daemei* et al., Study on wind aerodynamic and flow characteristics of triangular-shaped tall buildings and CFD simulation in order to assess drag coefficient, Ain Shams Engineering Journal, Volume 10, Issue 3: 541-548 [DOI] 2018 • Baghaei Daemei* et al., Experimental and simulation studies on the thermal behavior of vertical greenery system for temperature mitigation in urban spaces, Journal of Building Engineering, Volume 20: 277-284 [DOI] 2018 • Baghaei Daemei* et al., Study on vernacular architecture patterns to improve natural ventilation estimating in humid subtropical climate (Case Study: Abrishami House), Civil Engineering Journal, Volume 9, No. 4: 2097-2110 [RG] • My other publications are available on [Google Scholar] Conference paper 2019 • Baghaei Daemei et al., The Future of Sustainable and Eco Design: What and Why? 4th International Congress on Engineering, Technology and Applied Sciences, 10 June, New Zealand [in] 2019 • Baghaei Daemei et al., Architecture Design Guidelines for Tall Buildings (Study Area: City of Ottawa), 12th International Conference on Engineering & Technology, 20-21 June, Oslo, Norway [RG] 2018 • Baghaei Daemei et al., Sustainability patterns in vernacular architecture In order to achieve passive design strategies (Case Study: Langroud and Lahijan Residential Houses), International Congress of the Sciences and Engineering of Hamburg, Germany [RG] 2018 • Baghaei Daemei et al., A review study on Australia’s guidelines to environmentally, International Interdisciplinary Conference" Russia and the East: the Interaction in Art", Russia, Moscow [RG] 2017 • Baghaei Daemei et al., Heat transfer and energy consumption optimization in a residential building using Design-builder software, 2nd International Conference on Architecture, Arts and Applications, GITR film and television school, Russia, Moscow [RG]


EDUCATION 2019-Now • PhD, Accepted, EMU, Cyprus, Department of Tourism Management. 2014-2017 • Master of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch of Tehran (Gilan), (Advisor: Seyed Rahman Eghbali, Ph.D) Thesis title: Designing a model of affordable housing in high-rise building with a focus on the use of environmental factors in humid subtropical climate - Roofing Rasht [DOI] 2011-2014 • Bachelor of Science in Jabir Ibn Hayyan University of Rash, College of Architecture.


Wind Aerodynamic, Natural Ventilation, Building Simulation, Passive Design Strategies


HONORS AND AWARD 2018 • The Top Researcher in 1st National Festival on Research Thesis Khayam Award [in] 2017 • Top 15 Winners at the Asia Young Designers Award (AYDA) [in] 2014 • The Winner of Blogger in 4th International Festival of Digital Media in Tehran. 2010 • Outstanding Student in Associate Degree (Islamic Azad University Branch of Sowme'eh Sara)


REVIEWING AND EDITORIAL BOARD Journal and Conference 2019 • Peer-reviewer journal of Cities, Elsevier [in] 2019 • Peer-reviewer of the Frontiers of Architectural Research, Elsevier [in] 2019 • Peer-reviewer of the Ain Shams Engineering Journal, Elsevier 2019 • Peer-reviewer of the Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Civil Engineering, Springer 2019 • Peer-reviewer of the Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings, Wiley [in] 2019 • International Conference on Renewable Energy, Paris, France, PremC [in] 2019 • Scientific committee, The Second National Festival on Research Thesis Khayam Award, Tehran, Iran [in] 2019 • Scientific Committee, 2nd Conference and Meeting of the ECO Public and Private Sector Energy/Petrochemical Consortium, Companies, Tehran, Iran [in] 2018-2019 • Editorial Board and Reviewer: International Journal of Sustainable and Green Energy, USA [IJSGE] 2018-2019 • Editorial Board: Journal of Energy [SCIREA] 2018 • Scientific Committee, The First International Interdisciplinary Conference "Russia and the East: the Interaction in Art", Russian State University for Humanities, Moscow, Russia [in]