Mohammad Mashkour  is a Project Engineer,Hitachi Zosen Inova ,Germany

Mohammad Mashkour

Project Engineer

Organizing Committee Member


Hitachi Zosen Inova 


Dates:2015 – Mar 2019  

Title of qualification awarded-Master of Science  

Principal subjects-Civil Engineering

Occupational skills covered   Advanced Geotechnical Engineering, Advance Structural Design. Advance Structural Mechanics, Advance Hydraulic and hydro systems…  (Infrastructural Design in River Basins)

Name and type of organization   University of Bologna, Italy

Dates:2010 ‐ 2013  

Title of qualification awarded:Bachelor of Engineering  

Principal subjects:Civil Engineering  

Occupational skills covered Classical Civil Engineering material with focus on Structural Engineering. bachelor thesis consist of three projects must have been completed:

  • four-story concrete building design with Safe & Etabs (FEM) software.
  • four-story steel building with composite ceiling system with Safe & Etabs (FEM) software.
  • five-kilometer road, profile and pavement design, with verification of ASTM. due to excellent performance during the coursework structural analysis I and II, and mathematics, I have been granted as professor assistant to run two problem solving courses, consist of mathematics and structural analysis. Following the coursework, I prepared suitable, step by step materials in order to facilitate the whole analysis procedure for other students. and during the course I was offering solution of unsolved problems during the lectures. 

Name and type of organization:Azad University of Saveh, Iran

Dates:2004 ‐ 2008  

Title of qualification awarded:Bachelor of Technology  Principal subjects  Mining exploration Engineering  occupational skills covered Surveying technics, field exploration, laboratory investigation and experimental multi stag analysis on different materials together with fundamental of soil and rock mechanics, excavation technics are the main focus of the degree program.

Name and type of organization  Azad University of Shahrud, Iran